I am thinking out loud. That immediate magic one hears about, happened to me. Or, maybe that touch of yours reminds me the song. I stopped myself as much possible hoping I finally set it free only to see if it comes back again. And came down as a roller coster in my mind with a wonderful experience making twists and turns. Like a volcano erupting higher than the skies for days, the overflow of happiness leaves me smiling till 4 in the morning. It is not that I am in love with anyone. It is the magical moment I fall in love with. And it can only be felt. It is the moment that no two human-being could imagine what the next scenario could possibly be. It is build up step-to-step in the most extra-ordinary way possible. And you cannot help yourself but remember and feel those beautiful memories again and again. These special moments are the reason worth living our life. But I do not want to bore you with all the unexplainable stories I have with me. I am always in search of new rhymes only to live these magical moments again. And I hope you do the same. There is no actual fun when the roller coaster is struggling to climb its way to the top, it only creates fear and anxiety and by that time you know, you are screaming with joy and excitement. I am setting off towards a different phase of life to learn new lessons, to improve my abilities and to change whom I was from yesterday. Honestly I trust the process now, because I know my roller coaster is again going to attend its maximum speed and you know the next. Empathy! What is yours is always yours no matter how long you set it free. And it is definitely a beautiful feeling when it returns back until you set it free again.

The Daily Post


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