It is a monsoon weather. Always raining, skies surrounded with greyish clouds with cold wind blowing through every tiny holes. Just like Ohio’s weather but it happens once a year. People outside are rushing to their houses and works. Traffic policemen wearing a rain-coat to prevent themselves from getting soaked wet and controlling the traffic because our place still does not own a traffic lights nor wide lane roads. I can hear the sound of blowing horns from moving vehicles almost every time. Farmers working in their fields to earn some decent money from the crops they produce during the monsoon weather. Little children playing in puddles and shouting out each other’s name. Street dogs sitting in front of a meat shops getting themselves warm. I do not know how homeless people spends their nights during these kinds of weather. I never actually see them around. I wonder if they carry an small umbrella in their backpacks with them!

I am getting myself warmed up and listening to the sound of the rain. It makes me feel dull and makes me forget few problems that runs in my head once on a while. Listening to the sound of rain makes me feel “cold” Every thing inside my body feels different. Maybe because of the humidity. I feel connected. I could feel gentle oozing touch of your skin when I close my eyes and explore my imagination. This weather is meant to be a soft and silence time of our life which we only experience when we start loving ourself. I feel like I am communicating with a entire universe and all of them responds with nothing but love and positivity. What leaves me after rain is only sweet smell of soil arousing my nose. I cannot believe how much happy I am with myself. It would be even better if my mom did not gets sick. Love you mo’m and paps.

The Daily Post


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