It is a monsoon weather. Always raining, skies surrounded with greyish clouds with cold wind blowing through every tiny holes. Just like Ohio’s weather but it only happens once a year. People outside are rushing to their houses and works. Traffic policemen wearing a rain-coat to prevent themselves from getting soaked wet and controlling the […]

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Bedtime Stories

I like to think myself as a board, open minded human being who personally likes to devote happiness to others whenever possible. Long story short, I am a cute looking guy with a minor baggage. Well my life has not even properly head started yet and I do not want to force myself to accept […]

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I always want to share about my success and failure overtime but I keep stumbling myself for a lot of reasons. Even when I know the outcome is going to be good, major obstacle always holds me back to where I came from which leaves me with a feeling of getting nowhere. Honestly, I get […]

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Under the Snow

I am instantly attracted when somebody wins over himself. A temptation to see other people fail is the reason behind our own failure. Whether it be beating your own addiction or getting out of your own misbehaved manners. When you start creating your own path people starts noticing by itself. There will be no boundaries […]

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I can move on Willy-nilly. Work hard and you can too. Be a savage from the beginning of time and continue to be one till the end of time. Do not let your fears win. Winning and Losing both are your habits. Keep defending your pride. It only take a jiffy for you to defend […]

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Do you ever struggle yourself to fit in within a limited amount of seats? Or when you stand in front of a mass and find yourself completely helpless? All you can hear is your heart pounding like never before and all you can think is how to slow it down so that you can speak […]

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Let’s quit asking for more. The more you get it, the more hungrier you get. Have you ever tried to chase a flying dragon before? I bet you have. Like legit, chasing it until you get to catch it. Imagine chasing a dragon and how cool it would be to catch it. You keep on […]

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