Abu Dhabi

In all of my travels, I somehow managed to avoid going so far west that I never needed to stop in the United Arab Emirates. (Which is probably the opposite of what every Nepali traveller has ever experienced, ever.) So, understandably, I was both intrigued and a bit nervous when I booked my flight set […]

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Writing after a long time does makes my head feel dizzy a little bit. I tend to spend more time looking at my well lit keyboards. But this does not mean I completely stopped writing anything at all. If I am to express myself, I write a journal for myself, not everyday but it helps […]

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If this word was not invented, imagine how this world would be like? There would be no rush. There would be no competitions and obviously no more first class or second class. Maybe you will not hurry up yourself to buy your favourite items down the street which is almost going to go out of […]

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I am┬áthinking out loud. That immediate magic one hears about, happened to me. Or, maybe that touch of yours reminds me the song. I stopped myself as much possible hoping I finally set it free only to see if it comes back again. And came down as a roller coster in my mind with a […]

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It is a monsoon weather. Always raining, skies surrounded with greyish clouds with cold wind blowing through every tiny holes. Just like Ohio’s weather but it happens once a year. People outside are rushing to their houses and works. Traffic policemen wearing a rain-coat to prevent themselves from getting soaked wet and controlling the traffic […]

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Tell me what is your favourite kind of food? Everybody has to eat and to do so we have to work. Spicy foods are my favourite. Has anyone ever ate spicy food when you are very hungry?And if yours favourite choice of food is spicy too then I suggest you to order a soup as […]

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